15th October 2018


“Urban Outlaws” is a book about gang of kids:Jack,Charlie,Wren,Obi and Slink. Each of them have a play a great part. Jack‘s hacker name is”Achilles” but his real name is Jack Fenton. He is 15 and his special skill is: Hacking. He likes physic and dislikes Dubstep. His greastest fear is: Heights. Charlie‘s hacker name is”Pandora” but Real name is Charlotte Caine. She is 15 and her special skill: Making gagets. She likes computer games and dislikes gross habits. Her greatest fear:fire. Wren‘s hacker name”Wren” but her real name is Jennifer Jenkins. She is 10 and her special skill: Decoy/pickpoket. She likes cartoons and dilikes hospitals. Her greatest fear: drowning. Obi‘s hacker name”Obi” and real name is Joseph Marlington. He is 14 and his special skill: surveillance. He likes conspiracy and dislikes Salad! His greatest fear: angthing that crawls. Slink’s hacker name”Slink” and his real name is Tom Smith. He is 12 and his special skill: Free running. He likes Art and dislike quiet dubstep. His greastest fear: nothing. The main story is that these kids misstion is to right the wrongs of society through Random Acts of Kindness(R.A.K.s).They show this by stealing money from rich criminal and give it people in need. They soon want to try and take money from “Del Sarto”who is a crimminal master mide. But the task seem easy at first but as the kids soon learn that this task is a lot hard than they frist thought.  They find out to take down Del Sarto they need “Proteus” a computer programmed to crack any code and steal top-secrect documents in nanoeconds. They find to stay alive thay are going to be push to limites and use everythingh they know.

One charecter who interesting me was “Charile” she has so many talents that  I wish I had. Her skills in making gagets make me so 
jealous that she can makekind of cool electrionic and the bunker she lives in with her friends. When I was her age I always had dreams to bulit a house undre ground with my friends. My thougths on Charile is that she would of inspired me when I was young. I think if I read this book when I was younger I would’ve made my underground house.

This story made me think of when I was back to kid because the bunker at one part of the book Charile and Jack are watching criminal. He enter his house”He was a few feet away from the entrance when the homeless girl stepped in front of him. She said something and tried to walk around her but the girl mirrored his move, blocking his path.Large pleading eyes. Hands still outstreched. Hardy huffed his annoyance, obviously realizing  the girl wasn’t going to go away. He reluctantly fished in his pocket, pulled out a coin,and tossed it into the girl’s waiting hands.” this made me think of how rich poeple never give homless children money. Another time close to that Slink put dupstep on full blast through the head set”A sudden blast of deafening noise made Jack cry out in pain. Dubstep blasted his eardrums and he cupped his hand over the microphone”Slink.”The music dropped a few decibels and heard Slink’s distinctive chuckle.” I think many like all kinds of music and they bring it into their lives. Overall this is an amzing book.   

This story has remind me of Robin Hood because of the action that these  kids take to make the world a better place. These kids don’t fire bow and arrows but the way they show Random Acts of Kindness. 


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