CV Template: Patrick Llewellyn Seconder school student 181 Auburn road A Wanaka, ST 12345 (64+) 027 844 3713 [email protected] SKILLS I have a amazing set of skills that include: able to find ways to solve problems, show my passion and experience to help and solve problems, I like to push my political views and try […]

Dear Sir/Madam, As an avid watcher of the television news, I have developed a passion for politics. Even last night, when the item came on about how Housing New Zealand does not allow ex-prisoners into state housing, my political instincts were stimulated. I want to be an intern for the National party. My experience in […]

Communication and talk in front of people was one of my strength in that was gifted with. Talking and exploring your and others idea. I helped my sister raise money to give education to kids in Africa. Being able to manage yourself is big ask to some people. Getting there on time is hard to […]

The way we have modified our language over the year has had a huge impact in the way communicate today. We believe that we are improve the language by use initialism this help us get the information across a lot quicker. Three thing also help such as speed,emotion and sarcasm are three of the many […]