The show Love Island is completely trash! In fact it’s not even a show. It is some trash game that think The Produces are doing a great job with shipping the contest off to Spain to find true love. Every contestant is pushed high-pressure into a committed relationships. Personally this is no way I would […]

The story we bought a zoo is about signal dad “Benjamin Mee”(played by Matt Damon) who is a adventurer. “”Penicioun” said Benjamin Mee”. Benjamin looks around the town. “”Joy” Said Bejamin Mee’s brother”called “Duncan”(Played by Thomas Haden Church). Benjamin’s son “Dylan”.(Played by Colin Ford). Art is treatning so he gets supened from school. “”Strick four”. […]

Tom Hanks gets a chance to go the moon in Apollo13. They think it was going to a great trip until Tom Hanks says the famous line “Houston we have a problem.” They start to lose oxgen and the team have to find a way to bring them down alive. They are not sure how […]

Stupid beavior by tourists on a Dunedin beach has caught the attention of Department of Conservation(DOC). The behavoir thta tourist have shown in getting close with our protected sea lions. “Dancing close to protected sea lions, as a local wildlife expert says such behaviour is a constant frustration.” To be honest I am fustrated at […]

The main story line is a poor cuture fall in love with a rich man’s duaghter. They marrie agasint the wishes of her family. Two year later the rush pair are dead leaving  a duaghter called Jane Eyre. Jane was sent to live with strict aunt and cold chridren They constly bully and hurt her. […]

“Urban Outlaws” is a book about gang of kids:Jack,Charlie,Wren,Obi and Slink. Each of them have a play a great part. Jack‘s hacker name is”Achilles” but his real name is Jack Fenton. He is 15 and his special skill is: Hacking. He likes physic and dislikes Dubstep. His greastest fear is: Heights. Charlie‘s hacker name is”Pandora” […]

In this story there are two battle being foght:Ares the god of war against Athena the goddess of wisdom,war and the craft and Cassandra Weaver a girl who kills gods against Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. Athena and Cassandra start to work togher to kill the gods but their alliance is fragile. They […]

Love Island is this trash made of a show,In fact it’s not even a show. It is some trash show that think they are doing a great job by shipping people off to Fiji to find true love.Every person is high-pressure academia or committed relationships. Personally this is no way I find my first love. […]