15th October 2018


The main story line is a poor cuture fall in love with a rich man’s duaghter. They marrie agasint the wishes of her family. Two year later the rush pair are dead leaving  a duaghter called Jane Eyre. Jane was sent to live with strict aunt and cold chridren They constly bully and hurt her. The aunt abuse her.”I take a book and make sure it has picture and hide in the window seat. With a book on my knee I am happy in my way.”where is she? Where is Jane Eyre? Bad animal!” “I know you’re hiding!” “There you are!” Said my cousin. “What do you want?” I said “Say what do want Master Reaid?” “What are you doing?” Said my cousin “Reading” I said.”Give me that book?”Said my cousin. “Here” I said. “You ogort to beg on the street and not live like greantalman’s children. And talk like me and my sisters and eat our food just because we’re cousines. stand by the door!”Said my cousin.”Here.”I say. “Chatch” said my cousin. “Ow!” I said. The book hit me and I fall cutting my head. The pain us sharp. “You tirate. You mudraura!”I sceamed. “What did you just call me?” Said my cousin. He runs at me and grabes my hair and my shoulder. To think he is muduer. A drop or two of blood trickes down my neck recives him in factic storet. “Jane Eyre!” “What are doing?”Said my aunt.”Anyone such a pictlie of passion!” “She bit me mama!” “Jane Eyre bit me!”Said my cousin.”Take her to the red room!” Said my aunt.”No Aunty!” I said.”Lock her inside!”Said my aunt. “Please! No! No! No!” I sceam. I resist all the way. 9 years ago my uncel died in the red room. “What has come over ya your like a wild cat!” “Your stange quiey little thing!” “Sit down and think about your wickness!” “Don’t leave me. Please!”I said. The Jane was an orphan and spent ten years living with her aunt. Soon her aunt couldn’t live with her so they sent her Lowoood school(Lowoood Intitution, a charity school for poor children.)”This is The little girl I would Like to sent to lowood School!”  She leave and becomes governess. “I will be a governess.”She takes the education ward with Mr Rochester. “This house will get out of orderiy if Mr Rochesters come more fecquly”Said the eldly lady. “Who Mr Rochesters?” I ask. “The owner of Thornfield. Don’t suppose you’ll even meet him.” said the eldly the woman. “I thought he belong to you?” I said. “To me! Bless you?”  She soon find she falling in love with Mr Rochester. Mr Rocher ask the Jane if she would marry him.”Will you marry me?”Said Mr Rochester “I will marry you Edward!”I said  She agrees but at the auter find out he has a wife. “The marrinh can not prosseed!” “I call an imperameny!’ “My name is Mr Rochson has a wife and she living she livinh at Thornfield Hall!” His wife who is still living is a loonatic. Soon after discoving this Jane is  discovered to be gone. Noone know her whereabouts that are to be discovered. People put advestaistment in an attempt to find her. Silster is looking for the Jane Eyre. Jane soon finds out her uncel has died and left everthing with her. She soon finds out that she is rich because uncel left her with 20,000 pounds. She meets a guy called Mr River who’s mother had two brother and one married her mother. The silster wrote a letter to Mr River if he know where Jane Eyre is? he doesn’t. But Jane finds out they are cousine. Mr Silster want to marry Jane because he want to take a wife to India. Jane refuse and ride back to Thornfield hall where she moved to when she became a governess and she met Mr Rochester. She says she wants to marry him even though he lost his sight. They get married and even have their first child. Even though he can’t see the kid he knows it is beautiful. Mr River goes to India by himself. Both of Mr River’s  duaghter get married.

My personal review on this story is that I can relate to a lot of things in this book. When Jane parents meet they fall in love and this has happened in my life. I saw a girl I liked and ask her out for snack and she said yes. In this case I was the poor cuture and she was the rich man’s duaghter. Her famiy was rich because owned a farm. I also relate to when Jane mother married her father and not to her family. I was dating this girl even though my family didn’t like her. When Jane parents died I can relate,after we borke up our friends were so sad because we were such cute couple. And we left unhappiness for our friends. When Jane was sent to Loowood School she was sent to live at school,I have also lived at school. I was boreder at Waihi. When Janen is taken in education by Mr Rochester,I was taken back to when I was given education who was a really young teacher at least 19 and it felt werid to have a teacher that young. When Jane got offer marrige,A girl asked me to be her boyfriend I chose to agree then I found out she already had a boyfriend. Same thing happened Jane she found Mr Rochester has a wife who is still living. Mr Rochester”s wife is loonatic and I can relate in a way that I had a girlfriend who was controll freaks. When Jane leave I can feel her pain because when my controll freak girlfriend broke up my parents moved off the street because they didn’t want me to anywhere near her. Which was fine by me. When noone know where Jane is I been the one lost stountation. I was lost in Japanese train station. I have put a advestaistment wanted a worker for my parents buniness.The Silster put one in  newpaper  if anyone know where Jane is. I had someone looking just like the Silster was for Jane. When Jane get and is suprised I have been supried as her when I went to a Wet’a Wild and had so much fun.

Jane Eyre is a fictionnal story about a girl who has lost her family and goes through a lot of horrible turns in her life and she finds it hard why this keeps happening to her. This story has takin a realistic event and made a story from the other persons view. I have this feeling as if Jane Eyre is a real story that gives you a perspective of the person who is going through these abuse times. At the end she finds what she turely falues and what is needed in oder to make happy. I feel like that if this happened to me I would know what to do. I would give this book a 10/10 it is the most amzing book I have ever read and I don’t understand why I didn’t find this book early.

This story was amzing and I think this story needs to be more reconice. If you evry find this book I suggest you pick up and have a little read. This book is one of the story that if you put it down you will be pulled back to reading to find out what happen next.



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