15th October 2018


In this story there are two battle being foght:Ares the god of war against Athena the goddess of wisdom,war and the craft and Cassandra Weaver a girl who kills gods against Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. Athena and Cassandra start to work togher to kill the gods but their alliance is fragile. They both suspect that they are going to turn on each other and they must find a way to work togher. They soon find out that Ares and Aphrodite are alined.

One charecter that I can share my personal exprince with is “Cassandra.” She has so many exprinces that are so close to the ones I have. One of them is when Cassandra is goes to grave where Aidan Baxter(God of the sun) she has brought Odysseus along with her because he is one of ther friends. She brought him because lose track of time.”Her fingers reached out and traced the air in front of his name.Aidan Baxter,Beloved Son and Friend. Every day in the cemetery she tought she’d say something that needed to be said,but she never spoke.” I also lose track of time when I am really interested in somehing I forget how much time I have spent on that task. I nomally get someone to tell how much time I have spent on it. I use them like an alam clock. Another exprince is when Odysseus dies and Cassandra doesn’t break down and cry this shows she know how to contain herself and can hadle losing someone who ment so much to her. “Cassandra took a step,and heard Calypso cry. She looked back and saw Calypso on the floor,drenched to the waist. The stupid girl would probably stay there,weeping for Odysseus until she traded tears for the sea. The water rose so fast,already up to Calypso’s ribs. Another minutes and it would be too deep to run in. Cassandra glared at Achilles and the Moirae,protected from Poseidon’s waves. Only the barest inches of water touched Achilles’feet” I have had a friend who commited suiside and I learnt a way to stop myself from breaking down. The way Cassandra reacts is amzing.

Tory is mention through out the story and it made me think of how Tory was found. The auhtor has takin a historal place and made some poeple who uest to live there and made them look back on it.They have used the gods that the Tory people believed in. The author has created girl called”Cassandra”and has said that back in Tory Cassandra was a princess. The author has made me belivie that the gods are living today and Tory was where this all started. Giving us a place in history and place it in a fictional book make the story sound like it was an event in history. The time this story is set about year after Tory was attack by the Greeks. This story also brings in the Greeks because while Athena and Cassandra are fighting they go off to find the Achilles. Achilles help the Greeks win the war against Tory. Over all I really liked this book and how it dipicks Tory and who these poeple were in Tory before the Greeks won. This was one of the best books I have ever read. 

This book was one book I pick up when  I was year 10 and I didn’t really understand it. When I read this book again I could understand it a little better. I think there was more than I expected.


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