Stupid beavior by tourists on a Dunedin beach has caught the attention of Department of Conservation(DOC). The behavoir thta tourist have shown in getting close with our protected sea lions. “Dancing close to protected sea lions, as a local wildlife expert says such behaviour is a constant frustration.” To be honest I am fustrated at the way tourist are dealing with our sea lions. “Glynis Corson, of Company Bay, captured  the footage at Sandfly Bay on the Otago Peninsula yesterday.”  This girl caupted this footage and I hope someone has takin action to stop this from happening. “Young woman dancing in front of a large New Zealand sea lion on the  beach. After about 20 seconds the protected marine mammal became increasingly agitated and lunged at the woman, but she managed to get away.” This woman has only got herself blame for this insadins because of the way she acted was so disgraceful that I wanted to scream at her. “Another photo she captured shows a visitor to the beach posing for a photo and waving beside another large sea lion, Mrs Conrson said she wanted to shown tourists visiting New Zealand “what not to do”. “I was just Flabbergasted really, I could not believe it…she didn’t have a clue.”” I think these photo should be put around Dunedin to show tourist that you should stay away from the sealions. “Getting so close.”” Getting close with sea lion effects their personal space. “Cross” after the incident and confronted the woman and her friends, but they had very limited English and appeared not to understand her complaints.” Even if she didn’t understand what the girl is saying she should still know what she did was wrong. “Visitors to Sandfly Bay getting too close to sea lions yesterday, and she eventally took her young  family home because she did not want to futher worry the animals.” She should got in close with the sea lions And she would need to leave. “Suggested airlines could provide advice on viewing wildlife along with their preflight safety videos.” Her idea is a great way to get the message across to people. “Zealnad sea lions(rapoka/whakahao)are a nationally critically endangered species according to the Department of Conservation(DOC), with only about 12,000 remaining in the wild.” Sea lions are endangered and I can see why people can see they don’t want tourist to take ther picture. “Biodiversity ranger Jim Fyfe said the dancing woman’s behaviour was likely an offence under the Marine Mammals Protection Act and she risked a hefty fine.” This woman should get fine for being disraspectful to the sea lions. “Were a few people every season who got too close to local wildlife, he said” If we don’t do something Dunedin will be picture as  a place where you go to get chase by a sea lion. “Frustion” I feel how these people feel right now with the way sea lion are being treated. “Urged people to keepmat least 10m away from sea lion.” If people stay 10m away we won’t have this problem.”The animals were not typically aggressive, they were large and powerful and had much more powerful bite than a dog, Mr Fyfe said” The animal can kill a human And we don’t want to picture as country as a place that kills people.

We see tourist posing  for photo and they are all over the place. However people at this Dunedin beach chose to take one with a sea lion and show their friends. I think they are paiting a bad picture for New Zealand and that if this is still happening we could be in a deep hole that is too far down to climb out of. I don’t want our country to picture this way and also don’t want Dunedin. If we don’t do something quickly that our country is a place where sea lions are aggressive when they are not. If we push it aside and say it’s not our problem we could lose our tourist population and saying it not problem is lie because of the way it is tourist have done.

Dunedin will be know for people being attack by sea lion if we don’t take action. The tourist could drop rapidly and the tourist will be scared of going to Dunedin because some tourist kept getting close to sea lions and this could send Dunedin tourist  population into 0. There are many fantastic to see and do in Dunedin but if immediate action isn’t takin Dunedin could have a real problem with getting tourist to come to their amzing part of New Zealand. I belive if we push this aside and say that this problem will vanish,Dunedin couldn’t bring tourist. So if Dunedin want to keep the tourists they will have to take action soon.

Sea lion are big and powerful animals. I think sea lions are these animals that could 0 sea lions in New Zealand because of this stupid tourist getting close with them. I hope this matter will be resloved soon. 


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