15th October 2018


Tom Hanks gets a chance to go the moon in Apollo13. They think it was going to a great trip until Tom Hanks says the famous line “Houston we have a problem.” They start to lose oxgen and the team have to find a way to bring them down alive. They are not sure how to bring them down. With not much power they are desprate to find a way. Not sure if the men will make it out of alive. The dream of landing on the moon is already trashed but now the new goal to get them down alive. They risk every bit of knowleage they have. The ture story of Apollo 13 an amzing survial story of three astronaut losing oxgen in space and not easy. They are staranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a dismated spacecraft with three astronaut aboard.Trying to find a way to bring them down. Everything and everybody will risk the astronauts losing their lives in space. This ture story is so amzing and they put it into a movie to show what these family had to go through not knowing if their love one would make it. One wrong movement and their lives wil slip away fromt them. What makes this movie so remarkable is this happened in real life. This story still amzing to me today, what is so amzing about this is the way they got them down. The story of these men had this broken space to stay alive. They start to not know to bring them down they stuggle to find a way to keep them alive if they can’t it may die.

I think I wouldn’t be able to keep clam and listen to listen to what the the people were says. I know how to surivial in wild but this is nothing comparied with what they had to go through. I can’t keep myself if I know I might die in a place I woun’t be happy. I thought hard what these astronaut   losing oxgen. This breathtaking film make me belivie that you can surivials. If I was in the stuation as soon as I found out the spacecraft crippled I would have lost it. I could never belive that they made it out alive.”The misstion was deeme a suceefuly fauiliare.” This was because they survived a very diffcute stuation.

I am very interested in survival story that why I was interested in it because of how they went through so much togher and they put their trust in each other. They have also put the faith of their life in each others hands. I think they wouldn’t rather share it with noone else. I think how frightning for the family and how worried they are. It show the care and how worried they are for their dad. The mission has turn out to be a trebble fight for life. It could of easyly gone the other way and some people might have never known anyone was ever there. They make so many hard decisions on how they can get it done. While they are losing oxgen the crew who are back on earth to find way to keep them on earth.

The story is one of surival that is still keeps us beliving today. They give us a sense of hope and belive. I would hate to be the spacecaft that they were placed in.

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