15th October 2018


The story we bought a zoo is about signal dad “Benjamin Mee”(played by Matt Damon) who is a adventurer. “”Penicioun” said Benjamin Mee”. Benjamin looks around the town. “”Joy” Said Bejamin Mee’s brother”called “Duncan”(Played by Thomas Haden Church). Benjamin’s son “Dylan”.(Played by Colin Ford). Art is treatning so he gets supened from school. “”Strick four”. Said the principal”. (Played by Michael Panes). To Benjamin Mee after Dylan’s art is too dark. “”Their happy is too is too loud”. Said Bejamin’s duaghter “Roise”.(Played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones). Roise can’t sleep because the neborghise are too loud. “”All about new”. Said Bejam Mee. Benjamin,Roise and “Taxi driver”(Played by JB Smoore) are looking at houses to buy. “”It’s a zoo”. Said the taxi driver”. They have relisethlied bought a zoo. “We bought a zoo” Said Roise. Dylan is not happy about moving into a zoo. “”Don’t be shy”. Is a line being played in a song. This is being played as the Mee’s are moving into the house. “”Sponsors of animal Greatness”. Said Benjamin”. As he meets the people that run the zoo. “”Why not” Answeared Benjamin.” When he he is ask why did he buy a zoo and as he learns about the zoo. And roles. “”No sun in the underworld”Dylan to Lily Miska. (Played by Elle Fanning) works at cafe that is near and part of the zoo. As the other and Benjamin strat by upgrading. “”Butter”. Said Benjamin.” Benjamin,Roise and Dylan are learning what they can eat while living in a zoo. “‘Chilean Miner”. Said Benjamin as he is tucking Roise into bed. This is important moment because it shows how trong the relationship between father and duaghter. “‘Whatever”. Said Dylan.” Benjamin is really hard on Dylan because he really cares about him. But Dylan can’t understand that. “Pop by”. Said the “Inspector” called Walter Ferris. (Played  by John Michael Higgins). He is there because he wants the staff to ready for the real inspection. It has shown that Benjamin has to do a lot to keep this zoo from closeing down. “”Utterly Free”. Said Benjamin” as he saw the bear that had escape the zoo. And it looked liked the bear was happy. “Our local hero” Said Kelly the Zookeeper(Scarlett Johansson). She calls him a local hero in a bar because he caught  the bear. “”Circus money”. Said Bejamin Duncan.” They say as they find out that Benjamin wife(Played by Stephanie Szostak); has left a dieposet. “Stay with me” is the line of a song being played as strat building inprovment to the zoo. So they will be ready for inspection. “”Living the story”. Said Benjamin.” As Him and Roise are shopping for suppiles. They are buying suppires for the zoo. This shows that are serouise they are about this zoo and getting up and running. “”Desperate”. Said Bejamin.” Trying to geta sick tiger down from the rock so he can eat the food to take his medacation. Benjamin has a real connetion with these animals. “‘Porch”. Said Benjamin.” Benjamin says this word to Kelly as they were sitting and talking about the events of the day. This converstion is so important and bring out the emtion in Kelly and Benjamin. ‘”Lets shave” said Bejamin.” He said to Dylan as they were having angerment. Dylan had heard what Benjamin had said about him to Kelly. And that made him really upset. “‘Twenty seconds of courage”. Said Benjamin Mee.” Telling Dylan this as they the tiger dying not being able to do anything to save the tiger. “Happy Sad”. Is a line of song that is being played in the background . Benjamin is seeing and imagning that his wife and kids were daceing around the kicken. “”I’m your fan”. Said Bejamin.” Benjamin says this to Dylan as he showed him the logo. Bejamin has used one of his drawing as the logo. Dyaln is so happy with his dad. “”The Inspection”. Said Duncan.” He has decied he wants to help his brother run the zoo and he getting evrthing ready for the inspection. Duncan hs shown how much his brithers buness means to him. “Sorry about the rain”. Said Lilly.” Lilly says this to Duncan as he admits he likes her and that he run to her house in the rain. He run a tap her window  and this shows how much he loves her. “”They should be here”. Said Dylan.” As open day rolles around the crew are waiting for  the customers to come to the open day. Noone has arrives for the open day. Dylan takes off runing as he says this line. This is impotant because it show how much Dylan wants the zoo to have a open day full of people and that he really cares. “Opeining day”. Is  line of  a song. This song is being played while opening day. This is important because it shows how opening day is amzing. “”The story before the story”. Said Benjamin.” He shows the moment he meet his wife (Katherine) and the kids love it. This impotant because the story is told through a image of their mother who is siting in the chair,when Benjamin first saw her.

The connetion I had to this story is that I have been in stoution that Dylan has been in. I acted that way when I was 14 which is the age of Dylan. Dylan seem to go through some problem. Dylan was a charecter who brought me back in time when I was that age because you have just because you have just entered the teenage years and you get so stressed because you just had a new exprince. And you have no idea what is going on. This time is a real big turning point in your life because you start this this amzing change. I think with this story they put Dylan in in stuation which really brings out what happens. I think this story has taken that and shows amzing side of what would happen to them and how it would effect them. I think this was a great way to show how these thing happed. I love this story but chareter that ment more was Dylan was “Lilly”. When I was little I had imagney friend whos name was “Challot”. And  she was a perfect match to Lilly in treams of personalty.

This story is based on a real story about an animal park that was having trouble opening and getting everything is ready. This story has shown me that you can achive anything if you really want to and I have contuined to push futher and give thing that I want to achive to achive it and get better at it and give my all. If I don’t get it at lest I gave it go and I didn’t fail myself. The saying that sticks with me is “A winner never quits and Quiters never wins”. I think this movie expands the meaning and of what is happening and what is going.  

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