31st July 2018


Love Island is this trash made of a show,In fact it’s not even a show. It is some trash show that think they are doing a great job by shipping people off to Fiji to find true love.Every person is high-pressure academia or committed relationships. Personally this is no way I find my first love. More people applies for Love Island than Oxbridge. What is wrong with the human brain who find this show entertaining. Internationally renowned education versus the pornographic discriminatory show. Why are choosing pornographic discriminatory crap show we call Love Island over a Internationally renowned education amazing called Oxbidge? The name of the show even make it sound some marriage swamping game. Love Island is nothing but a lame,boring,stupid and self-centered show.

So if don’t know what happen like most reality dating shows Love Island is all about dating. What happens is singles are paired up for five weeks in Fiji. Am I the only one who finds this incredible uncomfortable about this singles being paired up. The couples on the Island:date,have sex and break up. Which person idea was it to think if put singles and see them date,have sex and break up. Which person is this entertained by this.They find true love along the way somehow. The problem with this that find it somehow. This means there is noway that we are sure they will find it. If they don’t what is the point in making this show. The way the winner is chose is most unfair,lame and cheap way. How a winner is determined is the most stupid way in the whole world. After several rounds of knock-out which determines who gets dumped.

Love Island feeds this toxic culture of self-obsession. This show is make teenage so obsessed with them self that people they lose friend because they are so lost in them self that they act like none else is there. It is like their not important. Love Island has this kind of”contestants judge each other on physical appearances,selected to be hot and sexy. I think by judge each other on physical appearances is  not a good way to start a relation ship. Judge on there physical appearances the contestants are left trying to look their best in every way. Have ever found yourself wondering why everyone is so attractive on this show? This due to the fact that they don’t except everyone go on they have to have to be attractive. For the girls have: curvaceous,bleached hair,and more fake tan than brain cells. Girls who want go Love Island forget your dream if don’t have all of these thing,one more question “WHY DO WANT TO BE ON LOVE ISLAND ANY WAY???” For boys you need:abs,tattoos,and fewer morals than swimming truck. We are in a time where we don’t need boys to have these thing to some show.  We are watch people who have know in each other for a week at the most having a date after date. My experience in relationships is never go out with someone if you’ve know them for a week. But this important to this game.

We cast physical appearances over meaning of relationship which supported in this stupid TV fake. If people start using this approach in real life we could have a increase in the number of break ups. We are going downhill because shows such as Love Island keep televising this. Couples think it’s okay to have sex within days of knowing someone and also televise it. We are watch a couple having sex on TV with no age restriction. Why watch this lame show just see some couples having sex on live TV.We showing sex on TV without any mention of risk and responsibilities with staggering STD Statistics. We are going up in the number of STD. We have Love Island thats support this.

We have a society spiralling patten of teenages with mental health and it comes down to social media messing messing with mindset of young people. Love Island isn’t helping. It make us hate ourself beause of the people on Love Island are much more better than us. The show’s contstanats could do a dot-to-dot for effect and it wouldn’t hurt the show one bit. We have contstanats that do something simple to cause an effect in this lame,stupid and no sense game. The people on this werid show that aired is valued because of there bodies. I know this is very imoportant and how they have to stay on be on the show. Why are having contstant being valued or chose in depending on their body. This is said to be “empowerment.” This no where near empowerment and they said it “It works.” On what;telling people that they aren’t atrattive. Our biggest killer of men in this country is suicide and I have had a friend who commited suicide. It was a girl but she still did it because of she saw so many poeple who were  more attrative than her and she couldn’t bear it more. I think it think it’s the same with men. If Love Island didn’t exist we wouldn’t have this problem. If we keep Love Island on screen it is okay for suicidel rates to contiune.

Love Island is promotes liberal bodily freedom acording to the rumours of LGBTQT contestants. This is in no way acceptable behavior on this show. The contestants behavior is so terriblely bad that I want gruge my eyes out. Body freedom is pople should feel ok with who they are and not be sad because they are not as atricctive as us. Love Island has said that if we had same sex contestants “they don’ t think it would work.” I focus on Love Island because is a show that entertainment to most peopele. It is probleamtic that the contestants claim they have found what they are looking for, wherer thats a sexual partners or life partners. Am I the only one who finds this incredibly creepy. Do you go up to on the street and ask them if they were looking for sexual parteners or life parteners. No, so why watch a show that shows this. We are being self-suffcient by show like Love Island helping us. We should not be self-suffcient by this mess. Love Island is promotes the desperate find a sexual partner or someone to date. These people are being odererd around life sevents. If you ever find out that you need to chatch up on gossip think about this speech and ask your self this simple question. Do you want to be in a culture that makes it okay to put physical attraction on a pedestal,of sex-selling,which encourages:porn,the idea of a society 100-year past and the shadowy underworld or embedded media sexism. So when you are about to watch Love Island think do want part of the culture.I don’t.

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