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  1. Patrick,

    You’ve made some interesting personal observations about the characters in the novel here. Are you aware of the fact that all these characters are based on Greek and Roman gods of mythology?

    Your personal observations have a lot to do with the points of recognition you have with various characters as they encounter specific situations in the story.

    When I ask you to speak about the text I will ask questions like:

    1) Briefly tell us what the book is about?
    2) Is there an event or situation that particularly stood out to you? Why?
    3) Are there characters that have elements about them that you recognise? What are they? Can you give an example?
    4) Given that these characters are based on the Gods of Greek mythology, how do you think this adds to the novel?

    Then I’ll ask further questions based on the answers you give to the questions above.

    We can practice this so you get an idea of what it will be like.

    I can use evidence from your presentation, as well as evidence from these notes, to make my decision about your over-all grade.



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