20th February 2018

Modify the language

The way we have modified our language over the year has had a huge impact in the way communicate today. We believe that we are improve the language by use initialism this help us get the information across a lot quicker. Three thing also help such as speed,emotion and sarcasm are three of the many elements that help improve our language. When talk at different speeds to show there emotion on the subject. If talk really fast it can mean we have no idea what we are talking about or you so on this subject and talk for hours about it. Speed is used in both text and face to face,in text speed is shown on how quick you replay to that text. When your speaking fast you a message quite fast because you don’t need to type it write the speed when speaking or texting really count. The emotion of a person is shown through all the information that is given. When write a text we don’t use word that make no sense.

When we talk to different people we use other word in place of a word that the other people because it becomes weird. When we talk to friends we use a lot of slang words and words that have no meaning to grow ups. When talk to a grow ups we use normal English all the words you can find in English language. We modified our language to change the words to make easier to communicate with our friend and family. This was a great move. When we modified we need to make sure these words don’t effect anyone in a bad a way. We will continue to modified our language as more people start to introduce new and slang words for that and this will help us. In 1992 on 3rd of December texting was born. This message said “merry Christmas”since then we have started to use texting as way of getting message across much faster.

We texting as a way of telling someone something in a hurry but the problem is you can’t tell how this person is telling you this information so never know if they are joking or being complete serious. So it makes the  person who is receiving the text,question why you say that. This problem is common misunderstanding  because you can’t see a persons face when your texting them. So this creates so many problems around texting. When introduce new words to improve our language in a way we help us introduce our to other people. We use these elements to change our language and make it better in a way. The way say thing really counts and bullying shows the strength in your voice. One saying I will always remember is:”Being mean can be as easy as throwing a stone into the water but do you know how far that stone goes down.” We use communication to help in everyday things.

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  1. This starts well, with clarity about the evidence you’ll use for your analysis. I look forward to seeing how you use specific quotes and evidence from your transcript to back up your ideas.


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