I think your background does have an effect on the way you react to events. Some people might have this event happen in their life while the others have never been through it,so they will not know what to do. Some people disagree and say that there is no way that your background effect how you act but I strongly disagree with this. This is true that happened to me.;so I was walking down the street with my friend were going to watch a movie due to the fact I had grew watching Horror movies and he grew watching funny movie we went to go and see a horror movie and he came out of the movies scared where I was fine.


Another example of this was when I was at primary school and some kids found it really hard to let go of their parents. I was fine because my up bringing was very diffrent to theirs. My thrid example is bit diffrent from the other but it still shows that your up bringing effect how you act to events. One time a buch of my friends and I want to meet up so we brought some food. When I got there they had all bought loilles and chips and I was standing there with a container of fruit in my hands. I was brought up with fruit so it was nomal for me to bring but not for my friends. Your background and up bringing is important to how you deal with stuation and the way we talk to each other. You may treat your children the same way you were treated when you were young. You still act diffrent to event that. This topic about event and background and how effects you. Your up bringing playes the biggiest in reacting to events. When you are talking to someone your one of your emtion shows based on what they said and how they said it. We can never guess what the other person will say if say something that might offend them. We sometime says thing that are in our mind but when come out it sounds really bad. The resons for this are this are endless.


In our childhood depending on what show we liked to who we like to hang out with,has shaped you as a person. The first time you do something you may not achive and the way you first try is depened on what you think will work. My experince in this feild have shown so many times that our background really have effect on our life. When you frist meet someone they would have gone through a diffrent childhood from you. Everyone is brought up in a diffrent way and there is no right or wrong way to bring up your child. We will always act this way to other people depending on ways we are brought up and learning the diffrents the whole time. My childhood felt nomal to me because it was the way I grew up and with other it will seem strange. 


Depening on what your parents do for a living really shape how you see world and what you do to help. Some people don’t follow their parents and go down their own parth. This depends on how much you help out on job and how much help all depends on what parth you have chosen. All jobs give you turning points in your life. It all depends on what you like and what are hoobies. People say that if we were met with one event;everyone would have the same emtion.


We have all these emtions that we use in diffrent ways and it depends on what is more impotant to them. We watch game shows and when someone wins it is an opinion not a fact. If everyone has the same opinion on a subject it becomes a fact and you can prove it. You prove opinions but someone can still disagree and come up with ways on how you can fake that evidence or find the problem with it. You can destroy evidence. The facts that everybody can agree. Opinion are made from a young age and grow and gain more evidence as we grow older. Opinion are based in theroys which people chose to agree or disagree with. This agrument have been going on for decacates. We move forward and we find more evidence to support what side we take.









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