14th June 2018


CV Template:

Patrick Llewellyn

Seconder school student

181 Auburn road A

Wanaka, ST 12345

(64+) 027 844 3713

[email protected]


I have a amazing set of skills that include: able to find ways to solve problems, show my passion and experience to help and solve problems, I like to push my political views and try to make other people believe them,show my political views and show people how this will help them and I enjoy debating over a event.


My experience in politics doesn’t come from a company or places that takes politics as some learning step. My experience comes from the news. I find the news cover a lot of the politics and that is why my experience make it different from most peoples experience. I think my experience focus more on  modern day.


  • I have the skills of know what parties thinks about this event that is taking place. The responsibilities that i need to take is to know why a party think that based on their politic views.
  • These news item that are shown has heaps of parties trying to get their across.


Mount Aspiring College Wanaka

In some subject I don’t give up till the very end. We ride bumpy roads to do well in our subjects at school and give it everything we’ve got. Outdoor pursuits because I love the feeling of being free and being out in the world.




  • I have one interest that is politics.

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