Dear Sir/Madam,

As an avid watcher of the television news, I have developed a passion for politics. Even last night, when the item came on about how Housing New Zealand does not allow ex-prisoners into state housing, my political instincts were stimulated. I want to be an intern for the National party.

My experience in Politics is studying the events in the news. My experience in these events and problem are very valuable in politics with all the stress that surrounds politics. I have limited experience in politics because in today’s world not many people are interested in politics.

My strengths are being able to find ways to solve problems. I like to learn why parties think they should have that role for government out of other parties running for it. If I was chosen to solve the problem of the State Housing in New Zealand that does allow the prisoners into state houses I would build another prison so that people on the waiting list for a state house will get their state house and we can move prisoners to the other prison. I show my passion and experience to help and solve problems. This is very rare in all politics because every news item that comes on shows the two biggest parties (National and Labour) what they think they should do with this event. I like to push my political views and try to make other people believe them. I show my political views and show people how this will help them. I enjoy debating over a event.

I want to be a politician to solve the problems and help National Party reach for what they think is the right think to do. I have come from a background where people have told me that I was not right for politics because I don’t work hard. In these times of  being told that politics is out of my reach I have pushed further rather than given up. Solving problems and making decisions is something I find hard but I always have found ways to make the right decision. I learnt that in life your decision reflects who you are and when I found this out I was stuck in the mess of not making decisions and not solving problems but knowing a bit more about myself.  I can find a way to make decisions that help me push further than I want to go. When I was little I used to find ways to make decisions  to fightback when I was victimised  by some troublemakers or  people who led me to deeper problems like when I was a trouble maker at school. When someone told me that politics goes to people unlike you my feelings of a career in politics were lost and I felt there was no way to bring them back.All the work I had done to make sure I had a shot. When I got the courage to talk to this person I told them they had no idea about politics and they needed to learn more before opening their mouth.

When I am thrown into this endless world of politics my knowledge will grow and this is due to the fact that I will be interested in what I am learning. Ever since a little boy my mind has been exploring politics and the more I have discovered the more I was interested to find out more about this crazy world of politics. National is what party my family votes for every year. I hope next when I’m 18 I can vote I will have that knowledge to chose. This will be a very huge turning point in my life because I will be an adult and will be free to vote and this will help me..

This world of politics has changed and so has my view as I grow up,I learn more about this world  and how it works.

I hope this application letter has made consider me as an intern for the National Party. I have always wanted to work for the National Party not because my family votes for it but because I agree with what with say they should do. This has always been a dream; to be a candidate.

Kind regards

Patrick Llewellyn



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